About Us

The Oklahoma City Housing Services Redevelopment Corporation (dba: Positively Paseo) is a 501(c)3 non-profit community housing development organization, working in partnership with the City of Oklahoma City to revitalize neighborhoods in Oklahoma City’s urban core. 

Our mission is to revitalize urban OKC neighborhoods and create affordable housing opportunities by rehabilitating historic homes, new home construction, and increasing community investment through home ownership. 

Since 1989, we have been working to restore and revitalize neighborhoods. We partner with neighborhood residents, local stakeholders, and the City of Oklahoma City to construct new, high-quality homes on vacant residential lots. The homes are then sold to owner-occupants, leading to increased stabilization in the neighborhoods in which we work.

Dr. Randal Ice, Board President

Finance Professor, College of Business, University of Central Oklahoma  

Robert Lane, Board Secretary

IT Specialist, National Weather Service 

Diana Galatian, Board Treasurer

Principal, DLGM Consulting, LLC 

Debbie Blackburn, Board Member

Publisher, Cottonwood Publishing 

Suzanne Broadbent Board Member


Cheryl Denny Board Member

Attorney, Principal Forked Pine Consulting, Inc.

Matthew McLarty Board Member

Associate, AIA; CNU-A accredited 

Willis Washington Board Member

ADA consultant

Kelsee Watts Board Member

Associate AIA, LWPB Architecture

Staff: Sheryl Lovelady, Executive Director

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