Positively Paseo is a proud partner with the City of Oklahoma City and the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative!

Over ten Years of Success

Strong Neighborhoods Initiative

Since 2010, the City of Oklahoma City has taken a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to neighborhood revitalization. City leaders believed that struggling neighborhoods could be turned around with the help of good planning, the input of residents, and the help of community partners. 

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Learn more about SNI

The video tells the store of some of the great things SNI and their community partners are doing to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods all across Oklahoma City’s urban core.

Other Partners

A to Z Inspections

There is a good saying out there: “I like people who like me”!

In this case, we like Dr. Jack Werner. As the owner of a premier home inspection company, Jack has a lifetime of experience in what goes into building and maintaining high-quality homes. Jack introduced us to the IBHS  FORTIFIED-rated roof systems and we have included them in our new construction homes ever since. With Jack donating his time and expertise as the inspector on these roofs, we know we are handing off the best home possible for our buyers. This roof is stronger in high wind and hail, and also saves our new buyers a significant amount on their homeowner’s insurance.  


The people at the Oklahoma Impact Investing Collaborative (OIIC) believes in our mission of neighborhood development through the construction and sale of affordable housing. 

The OIIC is a nonprofit intermediary managed by MetaFund that uses philantropic funding to provide creative financing opportunities to mission-driven organizations. Their help with bridge financing  makes a huge difference in building our capacity and results in building more homes. 

Simmons Bank

Simmons Bank and the Simmons First Foundation have been generous and consistent supporters of our work in providing high-quality, affordable housing in OKC. 

It all began with trees. We always like to plant nice trees in front of our new construction homes. Turns out, Simmons likes trees as well and knows the contribution they make to a neighborhood, to the environment, and to the homeowner. As a result, Simmons has given grants to our organization to include high-quality trees at our new construction homes. 

They also generously support our commitment to providing high-quality FORTIFIED roof systems for our homeowners.